The Road Ahead

Recent studies have shown that learning a musical instrument (including singing) at an early age can prove beneficial to other areas of study….

  • Music can produce a sense of achievement, motivation and stimulation
  • Music fosters team work
  • Music making supports the development of numeracy, literacy and listening skills
  • Music encourages creativity
  • Music underpins better behaviour; to learn music you must have discipline
  • Music can increase a child’s attention span
  • Music can improve confidence as they see the results of their work
  • Music boosts pupils’ social development

and beyond…

The benefits of music and singing in particular on well being have been well documented,

  • key physical benefits… It exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. It is an aerobic activity that improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and encourages you to take more oxygen into your body, leading to increased alertness
  • makes you feel uplifted and happy…is known to release endorphins, the “feel-good” brain chemical.  The response creates an immediate sense of pleasure, regardless of what the singing sounds like. Not only that, but singing can simply take your mind off the day’s troubles to boost your mood.
  • Strengthen feeling of togetherness. …
  • Reduce stress levels and depression. …
  • Improve symptoms of Parkinson’s, dementia and lung disease. …
  • Improve feeling of social well-being. …

My aim is to offer Music For All, giving everyone a chance to explore their musicality and reap the enjoyment and benefits that come from this. I am enthusiastic and passionate about the joys music can bring to people of all ages and walks of life.